Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Amalga RPO offers Sourcing, Dedicated Recruiter and Night Search recruitment solutions to meet the recruitment needs of all organizations.

      We target the resources on Portals, Job Boards, Internal Database, Social Media, LinkedIn and the Internet.

    1. Sourcing is carried out via active and passive search. Our recruiters fulfill 4-5 recruitments per day and work as per the client’s time zone.
    2. Full Time Dedicated Recruiter uses RPO resources to cover the client’s requirement processes. The recruitment is done as per the client’s time zone and 5-6 requirements are fulfilled per day.
    3. Offline Search recruitment process is done as per IST time zone and fulfills 4-5 recruitments per day. Active and Passive candidate search is carried out.

Our RPO services covers IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Construction, Pharmaceutical and Health Care verticals and is slowly progressing into other fields too.


At Amalga RPO, we are in the pursuit of excellence. Our recruitment methodologies are aimed at maximizing your reach and locating the most adept and skilled professionals for your organization´s need. Our sourcing techniques are adapted according to the niche and specific requirements of your business. We employ dedicated professionals to tap into all resources and provide a full life cycle of recruiting services.

The AMALGA RPO sourcing process is defined by a thorough examination of all resources, online and offline. Our objective is to improve the value of your recruitment by delivering high quality work that complies with all industry standards.

Our professionals utilize specific AMALGA RPO resources to scour through online portals, Job boards, internal databases, LinkedIn and the internet for recruitment purposes. Our professionals have a vast network reaching out to various industrial niches, which enables them to select and screen through the right individuals for your recruitment needs.

The sourcing process is carried on two levels, namely passive and active.

The active sourcing process involves the recruitment and screening of candidates through their profiles accessible on online and offline resources. The AMALGA RPO recruitment team specializes in the task of screening candidates according to the standards of our clients. Our team ensures that our clients are in the loop at every stage of the screening process.

The passive stage involves reaching out to candidates who are not yet looking out for recruitment opportunities. Our professionals undertake tasks like calling candidates, communicating offers through email, chat and personal communication. Candidates are chosen through an examination of internal databases. AMALGA RPO also utilizes techniques like cold calling and email campaigns to find suitable candidates for the positions.

Amalga RPO undertakes both technical and resume screenings of the individuals for the proactive identification of passive candidates. Our recruiters work according to the time zones of our clients to offer complete access to each stage of the recruitment process. Our services undertake 4-5 recruitments per day offering you maximum efficiency of recruitment processes.

You can rest assured of review calls conducted every week by our professionals. Our RPO services cover IT, Engineering, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical industries and are spread out into other branches as well. We offer you the best services in the market catering to specific recruitment needs for all positions in your organization.

Forward us the position specifications and we can provide the ideal candidate suitable for the future of your organization.

Full Time Resources

The success of your organization depends on the quality of your employers. Amlaga RPO creates recruitment strategies and services to cater to a growing HR management structure and offer you the best candidates from the pool. Our team possesses the skill to become an extension of your business and takes over the complete responsibility of talent acquisition. Each organization has a unique requirement in terms of personnel and skills. The Dedicated Recruitment Services from Amalga RPO target the acquisition of professionals through the optimum utilization of resources.

Our team deploys recruiting methods to reach out to active and passive candidates to cover the client’s recruitment processes. If you are looking to minimize risk, improve your target employee identification and cut down on recruitment costs, then the use of our dedicated services can prove to be the perfect answer. Our employees scour through the internet, recruitment websites, LinkedIn and other social directories to locate active candidates for the various positions in your workforce. The other methods of recruitment include passive recruiting. This form is basically used to reach out to candidates who have not placed their ads on the business portals. Our professionals utilize every strategy from cold calling to candidate profiling and internet research to help find the most suitable recruitment process for companies.

We understand the importance of each position and its role in your organization. Our experience makes us capable of identifying and enhancing your recruitment lifecycle. We also reassess your business goals to recommend the appropriate plan of action tailored to your specific recruitment needs. Amalga RPO manages the recruitment lifecycle for departments where the need is most. Our professionals handle all tasks like screening of candidates, sourcing, measurement tactics for the organization, while your HR team manages the interviews and hiring process.

As an organization, we are equipped with the right professionals to manage your dedicated recruitment needs. Our service will help you source out talent that can take your company to the next level.

Offline Search

As recruitment professionals, we understand the needs of our global clients. At Amalga RPO, our services are designed to be on the guard and perform round the clock for our client´s needs. The Offline Search service is managed in the IST time zone, completing 4-5 recruitments every day. As our client, you can leverage our 24/7 recruitment service to stay on watch for your positional needs at all times. We employ a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals to manage and handle each RPO project. These professionals work in close quarters with your HR team, to identify suitable candidate profiles and resumes for the vacant position. International clients stand to benefit from the service greatly. Clients can rest assured of receiving apt and complete information on highly qualified and suitable candidates for their positions, at the beginning of every work day.

The Offline Search recruiters access and analyze internal databases, job portals, LinkedIn and other sources, to source out the best talent from the pool. The recruiters apply both active, and passive recruitment methods to help reach out to the candidate pool. Our services are designed with an aim to enhance the recruitment systems of our clients and help them in hiring the most talented professionals. Our recruiters scrutinize and screen every candidate, in adherence to the standards and requirements of our clients. Each step of the process is undertaken with the consent of the client´s HR team. We assure you of the quality and the methodology used by our night search recruitment processes. We employ the highest standards of analyses and techniques to help us locate the most appropriate candidates for the position. Our recruiters are equipped with a fundamental knowledge of diverse fields, along with a vast network of contacts on various executive and non executive levels.

The Amalga RPO Offline Search will provide your organization the advantage of staying ahead of your competitors and hiring the best talent in the industry.

Why Amalga for RPO?

Delivering quality work on time is a benchmark Amalga never compromises on. The Amalga RPO team is equipped to handle all recruitment and hiring needs. The team is trained to follow all industry specific standards so that the client remains in the loop at every step of the way. All paper work is handled efficiently which enables the client to have a detailed report on the project status.

Key Services:

  • Quick turnaround time for resume submissions
  • Availability of Full Time Dedicated Recruiters
  • Various Job Boards to conduct qualified searches such as Dice, Monster, Career Buildres etc
  • Review calls every day to ensure quality

Amalga RPO’s solutions guarantee more than 50% reduction in recruitment cost to US Firms. With Amalga RPO at the helm, you can pay greater attention to core organizational activities as oppose to focusing on the talent acquisition.

Amalga RPO’s flexible working hours and customized RPO solutions ensure a streamlined recruitment process. Access to thousands of pre-qualified resumes, sign-up incentives, trial period, an excellent track record of candidate placements, customer-oriented service from recruiters, complete and customized reports on recruitment processes have helped us to build lasting relationships with existing clients.
KRPO has established itself as a leading RPO firm through the hard work and dedication of its team. All our efforts are driven towards ensuring that our clients are satisfied and get value for their money. Our efforts have ensured that Amalga RPO remains a one-stop shop for all our client’s recruitment needs.