Our services

We break down walls between business, design, and technology.

We believe that the new workforce demands consumer-grade experiences; that users want better workflows, not more features; and that adoption and user satisfaction should be the primary success metrics for all applications. And we believe that only the true integration of business, technology, and design can get us there.

Startup Labs

Startup Labs
We are a team of designers, developers and innovators. Startups are our passion. Specialists in user experience, interaction design and product development.

Having earned our wings in startups, we understand the importance of simple, elegant and amazing solutions; matching beautiful aesthetic to functional design.

We’re driven by the Web’s ability to unite and empower. That’s why we’re passionate about collaboration and the open source movement.

But it’s what we haven’t done that really excites us.

Mobile Development

001What do your customers need in a mobile experience? You’d be surprised at some of the myths we’re busting about mobile. Amalga connects clients with customers, whether it’s on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. It starts with understanding how expectations differ—how things should work—across the 3 screens, then carefully designing experiences around those insights. Our team will help you connect—simply, ubiquitously, and consistently.

Business Applications

002Amalga specializes in B2B software development and small business software development. We provide a full range of business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology. Our expertise on a variety of platforms allows us to develop solutions that are not tied to a specific vendor or product. The list of platforms includes Win32, Windows Mobile, WinCE, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux.
Organizations have varied processes and most likely need custom software tailored to their requirements to stay competitive in this information age. We enable our customers to accelerate the launch of their products & solutions through our Web 2.0, JAVA and Microsoft technology offerings. Amalga has a well-defined development process that covers all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Creative Web Applications

003We specialize in creating responsive content-managed websites, optimized for download speed and search engine indexing. Our site designs incorporate the latest thinking in responsive web design, assuring the best possible experience for users whether they choose to use a desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.
In the process of designing your web applications, we will develop a look and feel that is appropriate for your audience and consistent with your brand, with a primary focus on usability and ease of interaction. Fundamentally, we want users to get what they want as quickly as possible, without any frustrating experiences.

Cloud Services


Amalga can help you migrate to the cloud at the speed that works for your organization with a variety of cloud applications. Take advantage of our expertise, facilities and support to achieve all the benefits of virtualization, without the time, costs, and resources required to deploy and maintain your own on-premise solution. Using the industry-leading VMware cloud application platform, we deploy, manage and support your organization’s virtual server environment.